Why Buy Volleyball Shoes?

You may be thinking why you should buy volleyball shoes when you probably have at least a pair or two of sneakers lying around. It’s a good question and one that confuses a lot of players and parents, especially if they are new to the sport.

The main reason why you should buy shoes specifically for volleyball is because they are designed to handle everything the sport can put your feet through with all of its explosive movements and diving.

While there are several aspects that make up a good pair of volleyball shoes, one of the most important is the amount of cushioning it can provide. On almost every play, especially if you play at the net, you will jumping a lot. Doing this time and time again will put your feet under a lot of pressure. You will therefore want the impact when landing to be as soft as possible on your feet. A volleyball court is a very hard surface after all.

A high level of comfort is another very important aspect that volleyball shoes are designed with in mind. While a good amount of cushioning helps a lot with comfort, other aspects like fit, weight, and breathability all play a role.

Good volleyball shoes should offer a high level of breathability. This is typically achieved with mesh designs so your feet don’t get all hot and sweaty. It can be an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience to have your feet sweating inside your shoes when you’re trying to focus on the next point.

Just like with any other pair of shoes you wear volleyball shoes should fit well. It’s arguably even more important for the shoes you wear for volleyball to have an excellent fit. The fit should be snug without feeling too tight. You want this so your feet do not feel restricted as you move around the court.

An often overlooked aspect when buying volleyball shoes is how durable they are. Volleyball shoes can be expensive with some costing close to $100 or even more, so it’s paramount that they will last a while before they need to be replaced. Of course, the more you wear them and play the faster they will wear out. It’s not always as simple as when you see obvious signs of wear that you need to buy a new pair of shoes. You may notice the shoes don’t offer the same level of cushioning, support and grip as they did before. When this happens it may be time to consider buying a new pair. Some players like to use two different pairs. A cheaper pair for practice, and their main pair for matches.

Playing volleyball can lead to foot fatigue. It requires a lot out of your feet and body with all the running and jumping you will do. It is therefore important that your shoes are designed to be as lightweight as possible too.

The final reason why volleyball shoes are necessary rather than just your regular pair of sneakers is down to the grip they offer. A volleyball shoe should be designed to stop you sliding and slipping all over the court. This isn’t only important in terms of avoiding injury, but also because your shoes won’t’ mark the court. Volleyball shoes typically feature gum rubber soles to help in both cases.

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