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6 Reasons Why Opposite Hitters Have the Most Fun

Many people ask us which position is the most fun to play in volleyball. Well, setters are given a huge amount of responsibility and are often the leaders on the team, and liberos work tirelessly on defense and rarely get the praise they deserve from fans – in other words, both these positions can become very stressful to play, so both of those are out.

Middle blockers/hitters and outside hitters certainly have fun, as there is nothing quite like making a memorable block or kill, but they still fall short in terms of most fun to be had on the volleyball court, so that just leaves opposite hitters (also called right-side hitters).

So what is it exactly that makes this position most fun to play?

All the Glory

Just as in basketball or soccer the player who scores the points or the goal gets all the love and is most remembered by the fans, the opposite hitter is the player in volleyball who typically scores the most points due to being the “go to” hitter and therefore lives long in the memory of fans.

The opposite hitter, however, also has the advantage of being responsible for blocks too, which is another aspect of the game that is traditionally remembered and makes any self-respecting volleyball highlights reel just as much as scoring does. Two ways to get onto the highlights reel? Well that’s not a bad proposition at all! Where do I sign up?

Not as Much Movement is Required

When playing or watching a game of volleyball at any level, from juniors all the way to professional and International games, you will see other positions, particularly liberos and setters, frantically attempt to get to the ball to keep the play alive. Not so much with opposite hitters though.

No Passing Responsibility

While it would be unfair to say that opposite hitters have no passing responsibility whatsoever, it is typically such a small part of their game that you can say that passing isn’t something that a player in this position needs to worry about.

Backup Setter

Not only do right-side hitters have the privilege of scoring and blocking the ball, but they also act as the second or backup setter when the traditional setter is unable to get to the ball. This means that opposite hitters are pretty much involved in every point, so life certainly never gets boring on the volleyball court!

Highest Paid

Along with setters, opposite hitters are the most handsomely paid in volleyball. Given that opposite hitters don’t have the responsibility of passing, don’t have to be the leaders on court, and get most of the glory on the team for scoring most of the points, playing this this seems like a pretty good deal to us.

Most In Demand Players

Again, just like setters and opposite hitters are the highest paid players in volleyball, they are almost the most in demand, often making them fan favorites too. It also helps that many colleges look for players in this position, making it easier to get recruited.