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Below, you’ll find the best volleyball courts, clubs, and leagues in 2022.

This is the ultimate list of both indoor and beach volleyball courts & clubs for both youth and adults, organized in alphabetical order across all 50 states. brings together the local community of recreational and competitive volleyball so that it’s convenient to find your game in an area near you.

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Types Of Volleyball Courts Near Me

In the US volleyball courts fall into two main categories: Indoor & Beach.

  • Indoor – The majority of indoor courts are hardwood floors that are used for your standard volleyball games and tournaments.  With that said, there are some indoor courts that have sand, which mimic beach volleyball.  However, these types of indoor sand courts are few and far between and only occur in Northern states where the temperatures aren’t as warm year-round.  Most indoor courts require a booking fee and a pre-booked time slot to access.
  • Beach – Beach volleyball courts are set up on sand surfaces and are predominately outside in either parks or beach settings.  Most beach volleyball courts are free and operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Although, certain beach volleyball courts will host tournaments, which will interrupt any public use of the courts during those times.

Volleyball Court Access Near Me

Each volleyball court has its own rules about access and times. Here are some of the ways you access volleyball courts:

  • Volleyball Centre – This is a dedicated facility that only accommodates volleyball.  It may have up to 12 volleyball courts and offer many programs and services for volleyball, including professional leagues, one-on-one coaching, and youth programs.  Access to these courts are somewhat formal, which will involve you calling the facility and joining a program or booking a time.
  • Gyms & Rec Centres – Some gyms offer volleyball courts, or have basketball courts that they convert to volleyball courts during certain times.  Access to these courts is usually contingent on being a member of the gym.  However, once you’re a member, access to the courts are usually free.
  • Churches – Churches will often have sport programs that may allow the public to access their facilities. Access to these facilities usually requires a donation; however, some facilities won’t provide access to the public unless you’re a member of the church.  With that said, churches usually allow tournaments to occur on a one-time basis.
  • Restaurants – We’ve seen, on rare occasions, restaurants have volleyball courts.  This is not common, and it’s not usually set up for clubs or leagues.  It’s just a way for patrons of the restaurant to have a bit of additional fun while enjoying a few drinks.
  • Public Schools – After school hours, public schools allow their gyms to be used for various adult leagues, including volleyball.  You likely won’t be able to access these courts unless you’re part of an organized league that has a pre-existing relationship with the school.  Once you pay your adult league fees, you may access these courts for free.
  • Parks – City parks offer outdoor volleyball courts, sometimes on a hard surface, but most often grass or sand.  Access to these volleyball courts usually happens on a first-come, first-serve basis, although we have seen some instances where you need to book these facilities during peak hours.  Volleyball courts in parks are run by the municipality, and more information can usually be found on the city’s website.
  • Beaches – Most coastal cities will have some form of sand volleyball court set up near popular beaches.  These courts can be accessed on a first-come, first-serve basis, but may be reserved for tournaments.

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