With dozens of volleyball courts to choose from, Montana has some of the best access to volleyball in the country.  We hope to make choosing the best volleyball courts, clubs, and leagues in Montana an easy task by providing you with a complete list of information below, broken down by city. On this page, we’ve compiled a list of the top Montana volleyball courts based on a number of independently assessed factors including location, amenities, scenery, and access.


Billings, Montana

Best Indoor Volleyball Courts In Billings, Montana

1. Community Life Sports

community life sports indoor volleyball courts in billings, montana

  • Address: 550 32nd St West Billings, MT 59102
  • Phone Number: 406-652-3918
  • Website: Visit

Through Upward Basketball & Cheer, Soccer, and Volleyball, Community Life Sports aims to reach out to children and families in our community. Character, relationships, physical health, and a connection with Christ are all enhanced and developed via sports outreach. They think that any youngster can be a winner both on and off the court!

Best Volleyball Courts In Parks In Billings, Montana

1. Grandview Park

Grandview Park

  • Address: 2902 Elevation Ave, Billings, MT 59101, United States
  • Phone Number: 406-657-8371
  • Website: Visit

This two-acre park is located near the intersection of Poly Drive and N. 30th. Come here to unwind or play a casual game of volleyball. The best business in terms of timeliness and cleanliness. Hospital employees and university students love it.

2. Riverfront Park

  • Address: 7277-7337 State Secondary Hwy 416, Billings, MT 59101, United States
  • Phone Number: 406-657-8371
  • Website: Visit

Volleyball courts, picnic sites, BBQs and toilets are all available for public use. There are several natural areas in this lovely park, as well as a trail system that runs through it. Lake Josephine may also be found in this area. Three park shelters are available to rent for your tour around the lake. Each year, the rubber duck race is held here, and it’s a great area to wander, watch birds, and fish with the kids.

Best Sand Volleyball Courts & Beach Volleyball In Billings, Montana

1. Cooney State Park

Cooney State Park

Address: 86 Lake Shore Rd, Roberts, MT 59070, United States
Phone Number:406-203-5828
Website: Visit

This is the most popular recreation area serving south-central Montana, and it’s always a busy place in the summer. Head to Cooney State Park, a reservoir 40 minutes south of Billings, to go boating, play in the water, camp, fish, or do sports recreation like volleyball.

Best Grass Volleyball Courts In Billings, Montana

1. Rose Park

Address: 1707 21st St W, Billings, MT 59102, United States
Phone Number: 406-657-8371
Website: Visit

A grass volleyball court and lots of green areas for soccer, rugby, and football are all located inside the park. There are also horseshoe pits, bathrooms, a playground, a multi-use trail, a basketball court, a softball/baseball field, and tennis courts. This 20-acre park is a terrific spot for a day out. You may have a picnic with your family or company and then spend the day at the Rose Park Pool swimming.

Best Volleyball Clubs For Kids In Billings, Montana

1. Montana Juniors Volleyball Club

Montana Juniors Volleyball Club

Phone Number: 406-696-4139
Website: Visit

The club will train players with the best techniques from the U-12 to the U-18 level of AAU volleyball. Provide young women of Billings and the surrounding area with the opportunity to learn and compete in the game of volleyball in the off season.

Best Volleyball Clubs For High Schoolers In Billings, Montana

1. Alterowitz Gymnasium

Alterowitz Gymnasium

Address: 1500 University Dr, Billings, MT 59101, United States
Website: Visit

The Yellowjackets’ men’s, women’s, and women’s volleyball teams all play in Alterowitz Gymnasium, which has a capacity of 2,330. The athletic department offices, training room, team locker rooms, workout facilities, and classrooms are all housed in the Physical Education building.

Best Adult Volleyball Leagues In Billings, Montana

1. Adult Big Sky Volleyball

Adult Big Sky Volleyball

Address: 100 24th Street West #191 Billings , Montana 59102 USA
Phone Number: 406-602-5223 
Website: Visit

A nonprofit organization that contracts with local schools and facilities in and around the Billings area to host adult and youth volleyball tournaments.

Open Gym Volleyball In Billings, Montana

1. Fortin Education Center

fortin education center open gym volleyball in billings, montana

Address: Rocky Mountain College Fortin Education Center, 1511 Poly Dr, Billings, MT 59102, United States 
Phone Number: 406-657-1000
Website: Visit

You will very likely engage with this facility if you live in Billings long enough, and it will almost certainly be a beneficial interaction. You’ll have a lot of interactions with the college students that run the desk. The majority are kind, informed, and helpful. The facility is well-maintained for the requirements of families, and the services provided are highly practical.

Youth Volleyball Camps (Summer & Fall) In Billings, Montana

1. Billings Parks and Recreation’s Volleyball Camp 

Address: Rose Park Sand Volleyball Courts (21st. St. W & Ave. C)
Website: Visit

Volleyball Camp is an eligible program for the Pick 3 Camps and Save section (1029-A). Other eligible camps include Soccer Camp, Basketball Camp, Racquet Sports Camp, Volleyball Camp, Cheer and Dance Camp, and Flag Football Camp.

2. NBCVolleyball Camps at Rocky Mountain College

NBCVolleyball Camps at Rocky Mountain College

Address: 1511 Poly Dr Billings, Montana 59102
Phone Number: 800-645-3226
Website: Visit

Complete Player Volleyball Camp equips participants with the skills they need to succeed in their rotation. This program is ideal for females ages 11 to 18 who want to learn more about hitting, passing, serving, blocking, and position-specific training.

Are There Any Gyms With Volleyball Courts?

Yellowstone Fitness

Yellowstone Fitness Court

Address: 1595 Grand Avenue #265 Billings, MT 59102
Phone Number: 406-245-0960
Website: Visit

Yellowstone Fitness features a swimming pool, basketball courts, volleyball court, stretching facilities, group fitness programs, yoga, and more in its 42,000 square foot facility. They are constantly upgrading their building, programs, and equipment to ensure that they are keeping up with the current trends.