8 Best Volleyball Shorts For Men & Women (2022)

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The best volleyball shorts should be durable, comfortable, and allow for a wide range of movement while keeping you cool at the same time. There are only a few shorts for men and women that meet these criteria.

Here are the best shorts, including options for girls who don’t like super short shorts.


Best Volleyball Shorts for Women

ASICS Baseline – Best Overall

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Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, the ASICS Baseline has everything players look for from a pair of volleyball shorts.

What ASICS call COOLMAX technology is able to keep your body cool and dry by wicking away moisture. The light liner and breathable design of the shorts also help in this regard.

One of the most common complaints when wearing shorts for volleyball is how they ride up.  We’ve found that out of all the shorts on our list, the ASICS Baseline is the best volleyball shorts that don’t ride up.  Any discomfort is also kept to a minimum thanks to the clever flat seam stitching that prevents any uncomfortable rubbing of the skin.

These aren’t super short either due to their 4-inch inseam and don’t feel overly tight when worn. Their six-panel construction also really helps in ensuring a flattering look.

Mizuno Vortex Volleyball Shorts

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Like the ASICS Basline, the Mizuno Vortex also has a 4-inch seam, so are great for girls who don’t want super short shorts.

Mizuno’s take on keeping your lower body as cool and dry as possible is their DryLite technology, which works similarly to COOLMAX by rapidly wicking and evaporating any moisture.

Made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex the Vortex shorts don’t ride up or pinch and allow for a slightly greater range of motion than others due to being made from 12% spandex. They do not have a label anywhere on the shorts either, which can be a cause of discomfort for some players.

Under Armour Women’s on The Court 3″ Shorts

If you’re comfortable with a 3” inseam, look no further than the Under Armour Women’s on The Court Shorts. These are great if you don’t want any chance of being restricted in your movement whatsoever.

Made from 87% polyester and 13% elastane they are as stretchy as can be, especially when you consider their 4-way stretch construction design that allows for better movement in every direction.

Like other shorts designed for volleyball, they have a breathable construction that wicks away sweat and dries fast. The smooth flatlock seam also goes a long way in preventing chafing.

Unlike other shorts, though, these feature a 2” interior waistband pocket, so you can stash your stuff. This useful addition makes the shorts more practical than just their use on the volleyball court.

If you like the sound of these shorts but would prefer a longer inseam, Under Armour also make a 4” inseam version.

Nike Performance Women’s 3.75” Game Shorts

No list of the best volleyball shorts would be complete without a pair from Nike. The Nike Performance Women’s 3.75” Shorts are made from 82% polyester and 18% spandex to allow for a full range of movement.

Nike uses their Dri-FIT fabric technology to wick away sweat for dry comfort throughout the game. The short’s 2” elastic waistband is stretchy and delivers a secure, comfortable fit on the volleyball court.

Many players love the look of these shorts, and the lined inseam gusset adds reinforcement and support.  In fact, a lot of players make the decision to buy volleyball shorts simply on the basis of whether it has a gusset lining or not.  Nike’s are the best volleyball shorts with gusset linings.

Mizuno Victory 3.5” Inseam Volleyball Shorts

The difference between the Mizuno Victory and the Vortex is that the former comes with a short inseam at 3.5”, and is made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

These are considered to be Mizuno’s softest, most supportive and lightweight spandex shorts available, which is why they are so popular with volleyball players.

The Victory also has a slightly different design with its wider waistband, which some players prefer for its enhanced comfort.


Best Volleyball Shorts for Men

Mizuno Elite 9 Euro Cut Shorts – Top Pick

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As the Mizuno Elite 9 Euro Cut Shorts are inspired by the shorter inseam shorts worn by the US Men’s National Team and when playing for their professional clubs, you know you’re in good company with these.

Designed specifically for volleyball these shorts allow for a full range of movement, regardless of the position you play. This is down to their 4-way stretch construction design that allows for better movement in every direction

Made from 94% polyester and 6% stretch fabric that wicks away moisture, the shorts are also lightweight and comfortable.

Speedo Men’s Cutback Split Volley Shorts– Best for Beach Volleyball

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The Speedo Men’s Cutback Split Volley Shorts is constructed from polyester microfiber VaporPLUS material with a mesh lining. This is designed to keep you comfortable in and out of the water while quickly drying water and sweat.

There is no need to worry about the sun’s harmful rays, either, with the UV protection delivered by the Block the Burn tech. These board shorts also feature an elastic waist for a secure fit, side pockets and a hidden zip pocket.

Measurements stand at 19 inches for the outseam, and 8.75 inches for the inseam.

Another good option worth considering is the Nike Men’s Breach Volley Shorts.

ASICS Men’s Shorts – Best Budget

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These AICS Men’s Shorts are a good basic, inexpensive option.

While they are comfortable and lightweight one thing to keep in mind is that they are made from 100% polyester; they are not constructed of any spandex or elastane.  This means your range of movement may be limited, and they are not designed to wick away moisture in mind.

Still, if that’s not a concern you can’t do better for the price.


Important Features to Consider

  • Comfort

A good pair of volleyball shorts should be comfortable. We’re not just talking about comfort on the body, but also comfort in how you look on the court too.

You want the shorts to fit just right and not be too baggy or feel overly tight on the skin. Breathability and the ability to wick away moisture should be high. It’s annoying when a pair of shorts ride up or pinches, so the goal is to avoid this. Flat stitching is a good idea to prevent uncomfortable rubbing and chafing of the skin.

  • Materials

Volleyball shorts are typically made from nylon or polyester and then combined with spandex, which also goes by the name elastane. You’ll find that the maximum amount of spandex/elastane used in the construction will be 20%.

Generally speaking, the higher the amount of spandex used the stretchier the shorts will be. This allows for a greater range of movement, which is of course important when playing volleyball with all the digging and diving involved.

Nylon and polyester have similar properties in the sense that they are both lightweight and durable. However, there are good reasons why you may prefer a pair of shorts made from one over the other. Nylon is softer than polyester but also more durable, while polyester is faster drying, easier to dye and abrasion-resistant.

  • Length

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right volleyball shorts comes down to its length. Some players like shorts with a 3-inch seam while others feel self-conscious if their shorts look super short on them.

If you feel happy with how you look on the court you will play your best without any other thoughts running through your mind. You can focus on your game instead of your appearance.

  • Brand

It’s always a good idea to buy shorts from a brand that is well-known. The likes of ASICS, Mizuno, Under Armour, and Nike all have a long and varied history in the sport of volleyball.

They have been designing equipment ranging from shoes, volleyball ankle braces and volleyball knee pads for years, so know exactly what a player needs to play their best. Buying from a reputable brand will also ensure that the product is built to last.

  • Value

Some other equipment like volleyball shoes can run over a hundred dollars. Thankfully, the most you will have to pay for a pair of volleyball shorts, even from the top brands, is $30-40. For this reason, it’s a good idea not to try and scrimp and save. The marginal money you will save will have an effect on comfort and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Volleyball Shorts So Short?

Some parents can be shocked when they learn how short volleyball shorts can be. Contrary to popular belief, the shorts aren’t that length in order to add sex appeal and spectators to the sport. They are chosen for comfort and practicality.

Players themselves who have tried wearing alternatives soon switch back once they realise that baggier, longer shorts don’t offer the same advantages.

While this article focuses on volleyball shorts for playing indoors, the same question inevitably arises when talking about beach volleyball too. Why do women play in bikinis while the men play in shorts?

Again, the reason is the same. The players themselves feel more comfortable wearing what they wear. According to the FIVB rules, they have a choice to wear something different. The vast majority choose not to, though.

For the players themselves out on the court or the beach the apparel soon becomes the uniform they associate with the sport. Unlike parents, they usually don’t think twice about it.

There’s always the option of buying shorts with longer inseams over 3″.

Okay, but why aren’t men’s shorts so tight and short?

This ultimately comes down to two reasons: anatomy and fewer advantages.

It isn’t practical for men to wear tight spandex shorts due to their anatomy. Ironically, it’s the men who would have much more trouble and things to worry about when wearing such shorts.

Men’s thighs are bigger and have a different shape and aren’t as prone to shorts riding up. The men’s game is dominated by power over agility, so there is less of a requirement to have such a free range of motion.

Why Are Volleyball Shorts Made From Spandex?

Spandex is used in the construction of volleyball shorts for its favourable properties. In no way does spandex limit the range of motion of a player. Volleyball requires a greater range of motion than other sports, so this is important.

Spandex is also great at keeping players comfortable due to how light it is as well as its ability to wick away moisture.

What Is the Best Thing To Wear Under Volleyball Shorts?

Many players prefer not to wear anything underneath. They find spandex so soft and comfortable there is no need to. Wearing anything underneath can be uncomfortable, cause wedgies, and show panty lines.

Other players like to wear boy shorts or thongs. The best underwear for volleyball shorts is Ruxia Women’s Seamless Boyshorts.

Do You Have To Wear Shorts For Volleyball?

Shorts are the primary option to wear in volleyball, but female players also have the option to wear spandex, bloomers, or bikini bottoms (for beach volleyball). Every volleyball league is different, so refer to your team’s uniform guidelines or ask your coach if unsure.

How Should Volleyball Shorts Fit?

Volleyball shorts should fit snugly and be relatively short. Make sure they can cinch at the waist and have no pockets so that your hands don’t catch while playing.

What Length Should Volleyball Shorts Be?

FIVB regulations state that the inseam of volleyball shorts should not be more than 3.9 inches, but as long as they rest at least 10 cm above the knee then they are good enough. This is to prevent the material from catching while you dive, causing injury. Check with your team’s uniform regulations and adhere to them.

How Do You Keep Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up?

This is a common problem in volleyball, and the best way to avoid this is to have the right size of shorts. If you find your shorts are riding up while playing, try a larger size and cinch securely.

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Spandex?

Spandex is mostly a feature in women’s volleyball and is used for its compression qualities and lack of traction, making it easy to slide across the court. While it hasn’t caught on yet in men’s volleyball, many players of both sexes wear leggings on the beach to avoid sunburn or stay warm.

Can You Swim In Volleyball Shorts?

Yes, you can swim in volleyball shorts. Unlike basketball shorts, most volleyball shorts are water-resistant and do not retain water since they’re so light. While this is true, volleyball shorts aren’t a good replacement for some good old-fashioned swimming trunks.