Do Mizuno, ASICS, Adidas or Nike Make Better Volleyball Shoes?

When it comes to buying the best volleyball shoes there are usually only a few brands to consider. These include Mizuno, Adidas, Nike, and ASICS. buy phentermine in maryland While there are a few other brands, they make up little of the market share and are not popular with new or experienced players. In fact, if we were to restrict the list to just the two best brands, most people would say Mizuno and ASICS.

The biggest difference between Mizuno and ASICS volleyball shoes isn’t necessarily anything to do with their quality, but more so their design. Some players feel that ASICS shoes are the more comfortable of the two. The shoes are typically a little wider. This is great if you have slightly larger feet or value stability more than anything else in a shoe. They also feature more mesh for better breathability, so your feet don’t get as hot and sweaty.

Which company makes the more durable volleyball shoes, though?

All four brands are largely comparable in this aspect. However, it’s important to add that there may be a specific aspect of a shoe’s design that can enhance durability. So while durability is comparable for all, the title for the most durable shoe probably must go to Mizuno with their Wave Bolt 7. This is down to its stiffer sole found on other shoes. The sole is usually one of the first parts of the shoe to go, but there is no issue with the Wave Bolt 7. There is also the Mizuno Wave Lightning that is made of more leather when compared to others. This is another aspect that can deliver better durability.

What about cushioning and grip?

It’s generally agreed upon that ASICS shoes have the best cushioning. The company put enhanced cushioning at the very forefront of each shoe’s design. Many of their shoes also have cushioning in both the rearfoot and forefoot, which isn’t always the case with shoes from other manufacturers.

When it comes to grip, many volleyball players really like Mizuno shoes because the grip is said to be better around the soles and at the ball of the foot.

In both cases what it ultimately comes down to is a personal preference. One player may find that a Mizuno shoe works better for them, while another swears that ASICS make the most cushioned shoes with the best grip.

What about price? Which company makes the most expensive volleyball shoes?

You may be thinking which brand of volleyball shoe is the more expensive. First, what actually determines why one pair of shoes may be more expensive than the other? It is mainly down to the technology and production of the shoe. If the research and development, cost of technology, and time put into creating a shoe are all high then the shoe will typically be more expensive

At first glance, it can look like Adidas and Nike have the more expensive shoes. Or on the contrary, as Mizuno and ASICS have more shoes on the market than Nike and Adidas, it may seem like they are cheaper due to their wider range of prices. Ultimately, all these brands sell shoes that are similarly priced – it’s just that ASICS and Mizuno also sell shoes targeted at the budget market.

Are there any other brands that should be considered?

So, while Mizuno, ASICS, Nike and Adidas are usually the first and final port of call when looking to buy a new pair of volleyball shoes, there is another factor to consider. Say that you really want a high-top shoe because you love the design. You wouldn’t be the only one because they are getting more and more popular. Well, if this is the case Under Amour is your best bet. The company generally make some good volleyball shoes, but it is their high-top shoe in the Highlight Ace 2.0 that takes top position for this style of shoe.

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