Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace Review

Players looking for the ultimate protection and support, usually don’t look much further than the Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace.

It might be one of the most expensive ankle braces out there, but the combination of support, protection, comfort, and mobility it requires is arguably unmatched from any of the best volleyball ankle braces currently available.

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Due to the Zamst’s design, it takes a little longer than other ankle braces to put on and take off. However, this additional time is more than worth it considering the unmatched support and protection the brace provides, as well as its anatomically correct fit that keeps comfort levels high.

Its open panel design with adjustable fasteners provides an individualized fit, enhanced comfort, and variable compression levels. The brace’s pre-curved design also ensures that your movement isn’t limited in any way either, which is a problem that cheaper ankle braces often suffer from.

The A2-DX is available in four sizes, so you should be able to enjoy an almost perfect fit. The sizing chart relative to your shoe size is as follows:

  • Small: 5-7.5 (Men) / 6-8.5 (Women)
  • Medium: 8-10.5 (Men) / 9-11.5 (Women)
  • Large: 11-13.5 (Men) / 12-14.5 (Women)
  • Extra Large: 14-16.5 (Men) / 15-17.5 (Women)


Considering that the Zamst A2-DX is relied upon by top professional athletes like NBA superstar Steph Curry, it’s no surprise that time and time again players regard the A2-DX as offering the most protection. This is thanks to a few key design choices.

The A2-DX features a dual exterior molded support structure that prevents the ankle from rolling inward and outward. The brace also features an X-Strap Stabilizer that delivers 3-way anterior, lateral, and medial support to prevent ankle strains too.

Ultimately, what makes the A2-DX so great is that it really gives that “locked-in” feeling to provide you with the confidence that you can go for plays without having to worry about your ankle in the back of your mind – that is whether you are currently recovering from an ankle injury or want to prevent one.

Zamst A2-DX vs. Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Players looking for the best support and protection usually either opt for the Zamst A2-DX or Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace.

While you can’t go wrong with either, as both will provide the comfort, support, and protection you need while also managing to hold up for a few seasons, the Ultra Zoom is the easier of the two to put on. It is also slightly cheaper.

You can defintiely make a case that the A2-DX is unmatched in the protection it provides, though. If you’re recovering from a moderate to severe ankle sprain this may very well be the deciding factor in which one you should buy.

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