Cobra Volleyball Net Review

The Cobra Volleyball Net System manages to strike just the right balance with its construction quality, versatility, overall design, and price, making it one of the best volleyball nets available.

In fact, spending more won’t necessarily get you anything better than the Cobra, especially as it has a couple of features that are unique.

Let’s take a look at why the Cobra Volleyball Net System has established itself as a firm favorite with both amateurs and tournament directors.

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Build Quality

If there’s one word to describe the build quality of the Cobra Volleyball Net System, it would be heavy-duty. It’s clear that everything from the system’s adjustable poles and pole pads to net and ground stakes is built to last.

Additionally, there are no hazardous wires, ropes, or steel ground plates and spikes that can get in the way and can cause injury. We’d love to say that this is common with volleyball net systems, but unfortunately, it isn’t with Cobra being the only manufacturer that has designed a portable volleyball outdoor net system in this way. Parents, in particular, will love this aspect of the Cobra Volleyball Net System.

A storage bag that holds the net system with room for extras like balls and pumps is also included.


One thing that you’re sure to love about the Cobra System is just how simple setting everything up is. If you want to take down the system from your backyard and set it up on the beach or any other area, it will take you as little as 5-10 minutes to take down and set everything up again.

This is thanks to Cobra being smart enough to design the volleyball set in a way that just requires you to hammer the specially engineered ground stakes into the ground or sand, slide the Flex Poles over the stakes, and then tighten the net & play.

Playing Options

There’s a lot to love about the Cobra Volleyball Net System, but its sheer versatility is what really sets it apart from other systems. It is portable, can be used on sand, outdoors in your backyard, and on grass, as well as for tennis and badminton.

The Cobra system can be adjusted to meet professional competition specifications, as well as men’s, women’s, and junior’s official specifications.


A problem that cheaper and in fact even similarly priced volleyball nets systems suffer from is a net that comes loose and sags. If you’ve played volleyball in any capacity before you know just how frustrating this can be.

Fortunately, Cobra designed a net that consistently stays tight right up until you take it down, thereby providing superior net play compared to conventional volleyball systems. This is partly why Cobra has been the volleyball system of choice on both grass and the beach for many years for tournament directors who need a volleyball system that they can depend on, and stand up to serious play and competition.


Cobra is so confident in the build quality and durability of their volleyball net that they are willing to offer a lifetime warranty. This includes all hardware including poles, ground anchor stakes, rope clamp, protector cap, guide plate, etc.

As you might expect, soft components like the net, boundary lines, pole pads, pole pad covers and carrying bag, etc. aren’t backed by a lifetime warranty, but by a 2-year warranty instead. However, Cobra state that they expect their nets to last over a decade or more with minimal care.

If you’re looking for a volleyball net system that is versatile, highly portable, clearly built to last, and perhaps just as importantly, safe, there is no better option than the Cobra Volleyball Net System.

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