Park & Sun Volleyball Nets Reviews & Comparison

Park and Sun Sports is the official volleyball net supplier to some of the best volleyball tournaments and leagues in the USA. It’s, therefore, safe to say that the company knows how to make a durable, high-quality volleyball net system that is also quick and easy to set up.

Park & Sun offers several top volleyball net systems, so whether you need a system that adheres to professional regulations or simply want to enjoy a casual game on the beach or in your backyard, there is a volleyball system for everyone.

Let’s take a look at and compare the company’s different models.


Spectrum Classic Review

The Spectrum Classic is Park & Sun’s flagship volleyball net system, coming with everything required for playing volleyball at the highest level.

This includes the 2” USA-made telescoping aluminum poles that smartly use a push-button locking system to quickly adjust to men’s, women’s, and co-ed playing heights. The poles are also the lightest on the market, which makes the Spectrum Classic a truly portable system, requiring just one person to carry the entire system. Despite this, the durability of the poles can’t be questioned.

The net, which comes pre-attached to the poles, measures 32″ L x 3″ H which makes it regulation size. It is able to withstand even the harshest of outdoor conditions, so there is no need to take it down when the weather turns bad.

Additionally, the boundary lines, which also meet regulation, firmly secure to the ground and won’t be displaced by harsh outdoor conditions or by play either.

As you might expect from a company that provides volleyball nets to several volleyball tournaments and leagues in the nation, the net manages to stay taut with tensions evenly distributed from the top of the net to the bottom.

Due to its design, durability, easy set-up, and reliability, the Spectrum classic is comfortably one of the best outdoor volleyball nets available.

Spectrum 2000 Review

The Spectrum 2000 volleyball net system is comparable to the Spectrum Classic with a couple of key differences.

Both feature USA-made aluminum poles, but the Classic measures 2″ and the 2000 is 1-3/4″. This results in slightly less stability, though they are still more than up to the task of handling heavy play and conditions.

The guylines, stakes, and boundary lines are also thinner – 1/4″ guylines compared to 5/16″; 1/4″ boundary rope compared to 5/16″; and 10″ steel stakes compared to 12″ stakes (a stake bag is also included with the Classic).

Ultimately, there isn’t much to choose between the two Spectrum models. Both feature the same level of height adjustment and an identical net, but we prefer the Spectrum Classic for its better stability, especially as the price difference between the two is by no means great.

Tournament Flex 1000 Review

The Tournament Flex 1000 is better suited to more casual players who still want a volleyball net system that can be relied upon but aren’t as concerned with durability and a high level of play.

You can tell that the Flex 1000 is targeted at less serious players, as it comes with a ball and hand pump so you can start playing straight away which more serious systems always exclude.

The poles have the same dimensions as the Spectrum 2000 but aren’t made in the USA or out of extruded aluminum. The net is of similar quality to Park & Sun’s more expensive options but doesn’t stay at consistently taut, which probably wouldn’t bother casual players but would likely bother players who take volleyball more seriously, even if playing in the backyard.

Tournament 179 Review

The Tournament 179 is the first real sign that Park & Sun also design volleyball systems for less serious play. This isn’t to say that the system isn’t well made – because it certainly still is and can be relied upon. It’s still a Park & Sun product after all.

However, compared to the Flex 1000, the poles are thinner (1 5/8″), as are the guylines (3/16″) and stakes (8″). While the net is still regulation size, it is of lower quality and might need occasional readjustment. A ball and hand pump are still included.

Spiker Sport Review

The Spiker Sport is Park & Sun’s most inexpensive volleyball net system. It’s no Spectrum Classic or even Tournament Flex 1000 for that matter, but it’s a great inexpensive option that beats out others at its price point.

It is very similar to the Tournament 179, though the poles use a slightly different locking system for height adjustment that is neither as quick nor as easy. The same Momentum official volleyball size net is used, and the guylines and stakes are identical too. A ball and hand pump are also included.

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