Vermont Volleyball Net Review (Pro Beach & Pro Standard)

With the Pro Beach and Pro Standard, Vermont offer two of the best volleyball nets available, especially as they are comparable to more expensive options.

They are not only ideal for sports clubs, schools, families, and other casual settings, but are also suitable for competitive play due to the nets, posts, and court lines conforming to official FIVB regulations.

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Both the Vermont Pro Beach & Pro Standard feature everything you need to get up and going straightaway, including a pair of telescopic volleyball posts, court lines, guy ropes, ground pegs, a net, and a sand anchor kit in the case of the Pro Beach set.

Players will definitely appreciate how either set can be assembled & dismantled in just minutes, making both sets a truly portable option whether you’re playing in your backyard, in the park, or on the beach.

Constructed from premium-grade aluminum for exceptional durability, the professional telescopic volleyball posts offer 3 adjustable heights, making the systems suitable for mens, womens & mixed volleyball. The posts can be adjusted from 8ft for men, 7ft 8in for mixed volleyball, and 7ft 4in for women and younger players


The main difference between the Vermont Pro Standard and Pro Beach volleyball systems is the net.

The Pro Standard comes with a 32ft FIVB regulation volleyball net, as well as high-visibility tape to allow you to mark out a full size 60ft x 30ft volleyball court.

Playing volleyball on the beach requires the net to be able to withstand harsh conditions due to the wide-open area with strong winds it is exposed to. This is why the Pro Beach System features a 28ft FIVB regulation net with a 45ply twisted PE with 100mm mesh design for enhanced protection, as well as tape to mark out the court within regulation.

Both nets manage to stay tight until taken down, without requiring any readjustment, thanks to the premium 6mm braided PE guy ropes that ensure that the net remains appropriately tensioned at all times.

Vermont Pro Standard vs. Pro Beach Differences

Apart from the net, there is little difference between the Vermont Pro Standard and Pro Beach volleyball systems. Both systems feature the same reliable build quality Vermont is known for, a full set of posts, guy ropes, and a storage carry bag.

However, the Pro Beach comes with a sand anchor kit that guarantees excellent stability on the sand thanks to the inclusion of 2x 7in steel pole plates to allow the volleyball posts to sit above the surface.

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